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Product Features:

This duty rated machine is used successfully in over 25 countries around the world. It is designed so it can be serviced by a few simple tools and can operate in high humidity environments and areas with difficult electrical environments.

FCA-controller: This advanced Graphical User Interface Precix controller grows with you. A simple no charge download from the Internet updates this controller. Gone are the days of expensive upgrades or worse, a machine that won't work with new software or technologies and it ends up being a large piece of furniture. The design was optimized for 5 and less hp router, spindles. In designing the system, the engineers looked into keeping the maximum rigidity.
Motor Drive System: Servo motors with feed back control to encoders. This allows for advanced control features such as measurement of force being applied to a router bit.
Rail System: Star Linear rail system from Mannesman Rexroth. A world leader in bearings and advanced metallurgy. These rails are used to on all axis to add rigidity, strength and accuracy to the system. The linear design have extremely high strength, accuracy and holding for their size. This is one reason for Precix to keep its gantry weight and router moment to a minimum. This allows for an extremely strong but lightweight system. Many systems build in rigidity by adding lots of metal. We call it WELD-IT technology. Weight is not a friend of the mechanical designer - but strength and rigidity is. Each time the gantry changes direction it requires a lot of excess energy. The goal of the designer is to keep rigidity and strength high but not add weight.
Vacuum system: Precix vacuum's are sectored into logical rectangular so you can turn on the vacuum you need. It is fully upgradeable to 10 or 20 hp Busch or Siemens type vacuums if the need arises.
Gantry - Mechanical Drive System: The drive system on the table incorporates a Kevlar stainless steel belt that is structured as modern day rack and pinion system. These belts are very accurate and can last 50,000 km before servicing. This translate into several years of trouble free use. The belts can be replaced in less than 30 minutes and are always perfectly aligned. Try that with a steel rack and pinion system. Precix also offers as an option Zero-backlash ground ball screws for those demanding applications that need them. We offer them as standard equipment in our Precix Laser Cutting Systems.
Gantry - Advanced Aluminum alloys: Precix utilizes aerospace grade aluminum alloys in its gantries to get the maximum strength-rigidity to weight ratios. This machine was designed specifically for sign production shops. Precix utilizes advanced construction methods for structural integrity and designs the industry's most advanced system control architecture.