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Product Features:

The Engraving Series is a great addition to any business. It is a rugged router, as well as having the accuracy and featurs of an engraver. It allows for 3D routing and engraving, allowing you more flexibility than that of an engraving machine, with no additional cost.

T-Slot Hold Down Platen T-slot tables are available with or without vacuum. The primary advantage of a T-slot table is the ability to use standard T-nuts for milling machines to fix jigs to the table. The slots are part of the platen, ensuring their accuracy. The chambers formed by these extrusions are an integral part of the Precix Vacuum system, reducing the volume of air in the table, while providing efficient distribution of vacuum throughout the surface.
Precix Servo Motion Controller Our motion controller is primarily designed for a 3 axis milling style machine but is used for many other applications, such as dual x/y systems, single axis control as well as up to 6 axis of controlled motion. Projects have also been done where much I/O is needed. The control system is a great turnkey solution for any automation need, as the power supply, amplifiers, and control technology are all inside the one 19" rack mountable case.