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Laser Cutting Technology - By Precix

laser, engraving, cutting, co2, markingLaser cutting systems are becoming more complex. We make buying a laser cutting system simple. Precix is the leader in automated CO2 laser cutting and engraving technology. Our leading edge technology makes our laser cutters the most efficient available. With blazing speed and amazing accuracy, there is no comparison between our laser cutters and the laser cutters offered by our competition. Automated laser cutting and engraving is the way of the future. Please feel free to go directly to our homepage to see specifications on not only our laser cutting systems, but also our engraving and cnc router systems by clicking here.

Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies designs and manufactures computerized XYZ router tables, dispensing and laser cutting machines, and the 3 to 6 axis motion control systems that drive these as well as other products. Precix has over 800 tables in use in 25 countries around the world. They are primarily used by signmakers, custom cabinet makers and pattern makers. Other uses include plastics trimming and fabricating as well as automated cutting for the vacuum forming industry. Industries range from the home appliance industry to the automotive industries to the point of purchase market.

Some information on our Laser Evolution System:

Laser Evolution - The Evolution Laser System is a flat bed sheet cutting system, designed for maximum loading, unloading and cutting efficiency. The systems are available in sizes ranging from 4' x 4' up to 6' x 10' making it the perfect system for cutting full size and oversize plastics and sheet metals. The Evolution is available in a wide range of power levels, ranging from 100 - 500 watts depending upon your requirements. The Evolution is a sealed Class 4 CO2 Laser system, and thus is able to work non-stop, 24 hours a day for years without any maintenance. The laser assembly has has no mechanical or moving parts to wear out or breakdown. There is no maintenance required either. Production downtime is reduced as there is no consumables to replace. When factoring in the long operating lifetime, low operating costs, you will find a persuasive reason to consider a Precix laser.

Some of our other products include:

Engraving Series - This series is excellent for 3D routing, engraving jobs as well as educational training. This model line is not just relegated to engraving, it is also great for 3D molds, and custom kitchen cabinet doors.

Signmaker Series - The Signmaker series is best suited for, but not restricted to CNC signmaking. This machine is the most economical way to start in the industry, if even as a hobby.

Industrial Series - The perfect router for a high production shop. This series supports a large range of spindles, spanning from an engraving head up to a 7hp Colombo spindle.

Performa Series - The Performa series, with it's 24" gantry, is a perfect machine for cutting everything from sheet material to mold making.

The Controller - The Servo Controller has a very user friendly graphical user interface that is specially designed for high speed 3D machining. The cutting performance GREATLY surpasses our competition by 2 to 3 times. The controllers are now being shipped with 10 GB of storage space.

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