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The Artist - Fab 3D

The use of the Precix Industrial CNC technology allows Fab3D to produce custom carved doors, both entry and interior, with designs from their extensive library of southwestern art. Customer supplied art or drawings can also be used to produce relief carved or engraved doors and architectural features. Designs can be executed as close tolerance inlay or intarsia, fabricated from exotic hardwoods or solid surface materials. Fab 3D provides design and fabrication services to the sign making business through the production of three dimensional carved sign panels, letters, and logos in medium to high-density foam plastics, wood, and non-ferrous metals.

His Work

Some types of jobs done at Fab3D include three-dimensional topographic maps for architects or museum displays, prototype and "proof of concept" industrial models, custom P.O.S. display systems, reproduction of antique furniture and statuary components used for restoration and conservation, production of aluminum and hardwood vacuum forming moulds, fabrication of match plates and pattern work for sand casting, prefabricated decorative components for door and cabinet manufacturers, and much more.

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Phone: 505-873-4014