CNC User Profiles

The Artist - Son Router Systems

Son Router Systems is a wholesale manufacturer of signs, 2D & 3D shapes, for sign makers. Son Router Systems completes the first stages of the sign makers order and leaves it up to them to paint and install. This still leases enough room in the price for their end users to make 25 - 30 % for themselves.

His Work

Because there are a wide variety of sign makers, Son Router Systems do a wide range of different custom jobs. A popular material that they work with is gold aluminum. Other popular materials include laminated to expanded PVC or high density urethane (HDU) foam, cedar, acrylic, and styrofoam.

His Tools

Sun Router Systems was established in 1998 after several large sign shows and demos. They use a Precix Industrial 11100 Series CNC router with servo motors. They are happy to have initially purchased a larger (5' x 10') table, as it has allowed them to do larger jobs which their competitors turned down'. What do they say about their router? "Simple!"

Contact Son Router Systems at:
Phone: 352-597-2533