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The Signmaker Series is perfect for cutting sign materials such as aluminum, wood, or foam in 2D or 3D. Some of the differences between the Signmaker Series and the Industrial Series are that the Signmaker has linear and round rails on the X axis vs. the strictly linear rails offered by the Industrial Series. Also, the Industrial Series uses a servo controller, the Signmaker on the other hand uses a stepper. The Signmaker series makes use of a Porter cable router instead of the Perske that is used in the Industrial Series.

T-Slot TableFixtures, jigs, and sheet material can quickly be located and held down with Precix clamps.
Flat Aluminium Table For those applications where vacuum will be the primary hold down. Typically used for cutting sheet material.
Four chamber Vacuum Independant chambers allow small jigs faster vacuums
Perske Spindle Compact spindle and speed controller. Spindle control via controller, with precise control from 300 to 21000 RPM.
Colombo Spindle Giordani Columbo Industrial 5HP and 7HP models. Spindle control via controller, with precise control from 300 to 21000 RPM.

T-Slot Table T-slot tables are available with or without vacuum. The primary advantage of a T-slot table is the ability to use standard T-nuts for milling machines to fix jigs to the table. The slots are part of the platen, ensuring their accuracy. The chambers formed by these extrusions are an integral part of the Precix Vacuum system, reducing the volume of air in the table, while providing efficient distribution of vacuum throughout the surface.
Flat Aluminium Table Flat top tables offer more surface area for large vacuum hold down applications. The table construction is strong and flat, while the vacuum area is supported by honeycomb aluminium. This composition results in evenly distributed vacuum, fast air removal, and unparalleled surface accuracy. This table is capable of holding sheet material firmly, pulling a vacuum through a 3/8" layer of fibreboard as a sacrificial.
Four chamber Vacuum The vacuum system is divided into 4 sections of equal size. Each section has a shutoff valve which effectively stops the vacuum. This isolates the vacuum power, and eliminates the need to mask large unused areas of the table (which introduces leakage). The most popular advantage of this system is the ability to place new jigs on the table while the old jig is still held firmly in place.
Perske Spindle Perske - a trusted, high quality spindle. Collet style tool holder with spindle powers of 3HP or 5HP. These spindles are known for thier quiet, virtually maintenance free operation.
Colombo Spindle Girodano Colombo Spindles, a product of Italy, offer an affordable series of 4.5, 7.5, and 10 HP armatures with collet or toolchanging spindles. These spindles are available either internally fan cooled (for the 4.5 HP) or compressed air cooled. Compressed air cooling is a reliable, quiet method of maintaining the bearings and collets, as well as forcing debris from the inside of the spindle.