CNC Router Performa 9500

The Performa series, with standard 17" Z axis clearance (optional 24") uses a fully boxed splayed-rail carriage system to offer uncompromising stiffness while giving ample room to route larger projects. This machine is heavy duty and allows operators to cut non-ferrous metals, various mold-making materials in 3D -- quickly and accurately. The Performa is ideal for prototyping, boat builders, mold makers and general 3D routing applications.

The Performa is sold as a complete solution with spindle, vacuum hold down, clamps, setup and training all included in the price of the machine.


  • 15 HP Vacuum Blower
  • 25mm Precision Linear Bearing Ways
  • High Performance Brushless Servo System
  • Precision Planetary Gearbox
  • T-Slot VacuumTable Top
  • 10HP/ 8kW high speed spindle with 10 position tool changer
  • Automisting Unit
  • PC-based Controller with Graphical User Interface
  • Ethernet Card, Serial Transfer, Floppy Transfer
  • Warranty: standard 1 Year "bumper to bumper" Warranty with optional warranties to 5 years.

Standard Size: 60" x 96"

Available Sizes:  60" x 96" to 120" x 240"

Standard Power:  220V/50 or 60 Hz 



"Ideal for large projects and for cutting metal"

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