MODEL [ 44L - 4' x 4' ] [ 58L - 5' x 8' ] [ 61L - 6' x 10' ] [ Request Brochure ]

The Evolution Laser System is a flat bed sheet cutting system, designed for maximum loading, unloading and cutting efficiency. The systems are available in sizes ranging from 4' x 4' up to 6' x 10' making it the perfect system for cutting full size and oversize plastics and sheet metals. The Evolution is available in a wide range of power levels, ranging from 100 - 500 watts depending upon your requirements. The Evolution is a sealed Class 4 CO2 Laser system, and thus is able to work non-stop, 24 hours a day for years without any maintenance. The laser assembly has has no mechanical or moving parts to wear out or breakdown. There is no maintenance required either. Production downtime is reduced as there is no consumables to replace. When factoring in the long operating lifetime, low operating costs, you will find a persuasive reason to consider a Precix laser.

The Evolution includes a laser, chiller, Precix Motion Controller, high speed servo's, dual-ball screw driven system, vacuums hold down, training and installation.  Like all other Precix systems, the Evolution is an open based system, this means that you can use all of your standard design packages for running the machine.